Please find attached a copy of our report on the 2007 flooding in England & Wales. As you will see, it includes the two shots of The Plough in 1947 and 2007 - these provide a very graphic illustration of the magnitude of the July floods. The snowmelt floods of March 1947 were easily the most severe (considering E&W as a whole) in the 20th century, and any contemporary flows that approach, or exceed, it are clearly very exceptional events. And for the summer, last year's flooding was without modern parallel. If it's any comfort, current evidence suggests that type of rainfall patterns experienced in July are unlikely to occur with greater frequency in a warmer world - but, as with much of the science associated with climate change, the uncertainty associated with any such outlook is large!

Many thanks for providing the photos; they really have made a significant contribution to documenting a remarkably singular event.


Terry Marsh

Leader, National Hydrological Monitoring Programme Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Wallingford