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"Looking at Upton"

Update 12th March 2006

The Upton-upon-Severn Civic Society has applied for a grant to the Local Heritage Initiative. This is an outline of the project in which as many of the local community as possible will be involved.

The groups and individuals brought together under the aegis of the Upton upon Severn Civic Society will research and study the local heritage and ecology of the town, river and ham (water meadow).  They will assemble materials - written, photographic, and artistic - to illustrate what they have discovered and present it to the public in the form of three interpretation panels (at key points in the town), associated leaflets and, especially for children, quest trails.

The Historical Research will concentrate on the floods which have affected Upton.  The Civic Society will build on their experience of oral history interviews to record those who have experienced the floods.  The evidence of flood marks in Worcester and Upton will be examined as well as the written records held in the Worcester County Record Office (Parish Magazines, Maps for Planning Applications, Bridge Plans), Upton Public Library (The Upton News), and private collections (Parish Magazines).

The Ecological Studies will concentrate

  1. on the fish which used to be found in the Severn - no longer a salmon river - and those which still are.
  2. on the Ham, an SSSI, and on Stocksyatt Meadow at the other end of the town, but also subject to flooding.  The Ham Meadow is one of the oldest privately owned Lammas fields in the country.  There and in Stocksyatt Meadow there is a proliferation of flowers insects, birds and grasses to be studied and recorded.

The Interpretation Panels will be

  1. in the large car park (wall mounted) showing an overview of the town and its key sites.
  2. in the Old Churchyard (lectern) concentrating on the historical built environment, but including the floods, for which the markers are on the wall of the churchyard.
  3. on the riverbank (lectern) and involved largely with the ecology of the river and of the SSSI.

Leaflets and Quest Trails (free) will be available from the Tourist Information Centre: Four are currently planned on Floods, Fish, Flowers and Grasses, and Birds.

Plaques have been situated around the town to commemorate various historical events.

Leaflet to supplement a Millennium Plaque to be mounted on the bridge