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ANWA is a must have WhatsApp Android MOD APK, From here you can download the latest version of this app and enjoy its amazing features.! This app is used by millions of users across the globe. Developed By Ammar, ANWA had crazy amount of growth interms of downloads in past couple of months, If you are looking for a WhatsApp MOD then you can give ANWhatsApp try.

ANWhatsApp Download : Get the latest version of ANWhatsApp and Hide your last seen while being able to see other’s. You can also undelete a message, so say if someone sends you a text and deletes it, you will still be able to see it. Further on that, if the person sent it deletes it before the message reaches you, then also you will be able to view it thanks to ANWhatsApp’s extra features that cannot be replicated in the original WhatsApp. All such features and more are a result of the demand of people using Instant messaging in their daily lives.

WhatsApp developers do not take chances with providing all the highly demanded features to keep their space of interest limited. It is way that they can manage a user base that big. But it creates a need in the space of a tool that can meet the expectations of some really avid users. People want to share bigger files with more people and have bigger groups as well. All such issues have already been answered by several MODS by now. AN WhatsApp is one of Such MODS.

ANWhatsApp APK Download

You can use the download button provided in this page in order to initiate the download. All you will need is a DATA and some space on your device. Keep in mind that while WiFi is preferred, mobile data is perfectly capable of achieving the job as the file itself is pretty nominal in size. You can also use the same file again in some other device due to its binary nature. Follow all the steps mentioned here in order to get this application installed properly.

How To Download & Install AN WhatsApp APK?

  • Tap on the download button to start the download process
  • You will be redirected to a page containing multiple server links which will allow you to download the file
  • Keep in mind that the link on the top is the fastest one. So, only use the others if you face any issues in the first one.
  • After selecting your button of choice, the download will start up. In case it does not, it might mean that your storage is full
  • If that is the case, then go to settings – storage and check the vacant space on your phone/tablet
  • If there is none, make sure to delete some files in order to get this APK file on your device
  • Once that is sorted, Redo the download process
  • After downloading, tap on the APK file and startup package installer
  • It will ask for basic permissions like – DATA, Contacts, Phone, Location etc.
  • All these permissions are really basic and were there in the original WhatsApp installation as well
  • Allow them all after reading each of them then proceed with installation
  • Now your device will process the installation further on its own
  • Once done, you will observe a new launcher on your homescreen from where you will be able to access an whatsapp apk
  • Set up a new WhatsApp account after verifying yourself with OTP. You can also import your data from previous WhatsApp/MODs by tapping on “Import”.
  • If you don’t import manually, ANWwhatsApp will still show you any remaining databases on your device

As per the instruction list, it is very clear that AN WA is based on the original variant. All of its installation process is exactly the same. This is the case with few MODS. So in case you already have some experience with WhatsApp Mods before, this will be a piece of cake for you. Make sure to go through each and every step mentioned in order to avoid any errors or issues.

Features Of ANWhatsApp MOD

There are a myriad of extra features present in ANWhatsApp. All of these have been verified in our individual testing and we have laid them out here methodically in order to give a succinct summary of its capabilities. Since AN also follows the method of allowing users to contribute via Telegram groups, its no wonder that it matches all the expectations of its loyal users.

  • You can freeze your last seen. If you freeze your last seen on 10-11-22 at 12:33 PM then your last seen will be freezed there for everyone
  • You can hide deliverer tick
  • You can easily download the WhatsApp Status videos
  • You can copy the profile status
  • Get online toast of your friends.
  • You can like the message by tapping it twice like insta
  • Schedule automatic messages.
  • Stop “forward” message.
  • Hide “forward message”.
  • Switch between 5 accounts : From one version of ANWhatsApp you can switch between 5 numbers, to access this feature go to “Ammar Adds” and then choose switch accounts.
  • Send media files size up to 700MB.
  • See deleted messages.
  • Thousands of free themes.
  • Customize the chat screen with handy widgets.
  • Reject video and audio calls automatically.

All the features mentioned have been tried and tested by out team of 4. During our testing phase, we found out that the entire messaging experience was especially really great. The ability to undelete a message that was deleted before reaching you speaks volumes of AN’s caliber. Though its a key feature, it is not all it can do – as proven by the list mentioned earlier.



ANWhatsApp is actually a really practical MOD. Though it lacks a bit in the “look” department, it makes up for it by providing state of the art privacy features. All of its features are based on the original app and that is why the permission it asks for before installation is enteriely the same. We encourage out users to check this out yourself and share your experiences with us. You might not want to switch from something like GB or FM just yet, but hopefully you will appreciate the novelty of it.

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