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App NameWhatsApp Prim
Requires Android4.0 And Up
Updated OnDecember 2022
Website UPTON

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Are you looking to download the latest version of Prime WhatsApp APK? then you have landed in the right place as today we will be providing you the updated working Prime WA messenger. You can scroll down to read the installation guide or you can download from above button if you know the installation process of APK files on android smartphone.

WhatsApp prime Download : You can download WhatsApp Prime from this page and start using features like “Show different Profile Pictures” for different Contacts. This features is added to provide that extra level of user experience. You can also hide read receipts without the drawbacks that you get on Normal WhatsApp. In the base version, hiding blue tick means – 1. You cannot see other person’s blue checks and 2. You cannot see who viewed your stories. In every sense, this makes turning receipts off a disadvantageous move. WhatsApp Prime solves this problem effortlessly by giving you the desired features without the drawbacks of it.

This particular mod provides some really specific features that are unique solely to it. No other app in our testing possessed the some features present in it. Although, most functions are your standard mod-like. Apart from functionalities, this mod also provides visual novelties with its uniquely designed UI and satisfying smooth scrolls (Both of which can be customized fully to the user experience). You can also turn all customization off in order to make it look as close to the original as possible. This way, you can have access to all its productive features along with the UI you’re familiar with.

Download WhatsApp Prime APK

You have to have the APK file in order to install WhatsApp Prime. The reason behind this is the non-availability of Prime in Play Store. Since, its a MOD and designed by third-party developers, Play Store does not allow to host it. But installing from APK is also perfectly fine and chances are high that you’ve already done that. In case you need assistance, here is a step-by-step guide to install prime whatsapp on your Android device.

  • Use the button provided to load up the download page
  • There are a lot of mirror links in case the first one does not work, so try the first one and in case if it does not work, move your way down to the others.
  • Apart from simple APK file, there is nothing extra for you to download
  • If your Device is says “Storage Full” or something along the lines of it then make sure to clean the clutter and make way for the new application
  • You can do that by hopping on to your settings and then searching for “Storage”
  • There you will see the exact amount of storage used. Make note of it and then determine how much space will you be required in order to download WhatsApp Prime
  • Once you have done that, go to your file manager and delete the unwanted files up to the extent of size required.
  • Alternatively, you can also use Files by Google which can determine the least used files and help you delete them
  • After sorting that potential problem, Move on to the next step – which is to download the file from the links mentioned

The instructions for installing prime whatsapp makes it clear that there is nothing extra that you need to know apart from installing APK. If you have owned an Android since a while then you might already have done that previously. The APK file can be used endlessly in any number of devices. But in case you’re using it after a few days, you might want to check on updates as the app stops working after a few days of not updating.

Features Of WhatsApp Prime

Prime WhatsApp has always been a prominent MOD because of its uniqueness. The aforementioned privacy could be the only reason for many to switch to it. Here are some more worth knowing features that we found in our testing. All of the points have been verified during our testing phase and we would like you to have a go with them by using the app yourself

You can turn off replies to your contacts. This means you can send messages, but your connection is not allowed to respond. Due to this feature, one-way communication is possible. Some of the features mentioned are not very practical but are still very much functional. As mentioed earlier, you can opt for a more grounded look close to the original version if you want to maximize the productivity only.

  • Schedule Message
  • Anti-delete for messages feature Prime WA gives you this function inherently, without the need install and manage any other application.
  • Hide last seen, blue ticks and second ticks
  • Chat Translator using this feature you can translate any text in your WhatsApp
  • Download customized themes
  • You can send videos larger than 50 MB
  • Download story/status
  • No root is required
  • Tons of colorful UI
  • Set status above 250 characters



So guys that’s all on WhatsApp prime apk download, We hope that you likes this article on this amazing WhatsApp Mod if you did and want your friends to try out this app too then please make sure to share this article as much as possible. So that they can also get to know about this awesome app!

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