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July 2007 Floods

Following torrential rain across large parts of the country on Friday 20th July, floods occurred in many places. The Severn in Upton rose very quickly. With main roads & motorways closed, the flood barriers were unable to get here, so the whole of the riverfront was flooded as well as New Street, parts of Old Street. The water reached the curb outside Tourist Information, The Bell House in New Street, and well past the Old Street entrance to Backfields. Many reports have since been issued and these are below - the ones I've found or been advised about.

20th July
21st July
More pictures
Yet more pictures
Evening pictures
22nd July early morning
Later morning
Early afternoon
A picture from Kara
Later afternoon
Some pictures from Rupert Chambers
Upton in Bloom under water
22nd evening & 23rd morning
23rd morning & other pictures
23rd afternoon
An aerial picture on the BBC website
24th July
More from the 24th
Pictures from Darren Beale
25th Early morning
More party pictures
25th & 26th
A picture from Peter Booth
28th July

Hyrad June & July Events
from the Environment Agency
This is a film showing the weather pattern over the days of the June & July floods. It was running at the EA's 'Flood Drop In' sessions.


Longdon Marsh

'Getting back to normal'

Waste disposal

MHDC Business Flooding Newsletter

David Cameron in the Memorial Hall

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Shropshire Flood press release

Severn Project, Sturgeon Moon. Street Arts

Link to photos of Prince Charles visit

Mayor's Charity fund

BBC Panorama 6th August

Welsh Wind Turbines

Amphicar to the rescue

Mercia Rescue callouts


Reports & links produced after the floods

Environment Agency
'What happened near you'


The Pitt Review - Learning Lessons from the 2007 floods - independent review commissioned by the Cabinet Office

Environment Agency
'Review of Summer 2007 floods'

The Summer 2007 floods - a report by National Hydrological Monitoring Programme Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Wallingford          Note

MHDC Overview & Scrutiny Committee Review of the District Council's response to flooding Summer 2007. Agenda item 19th February 2008


Peter Ainsworth visit April 2008


Worcestershire Joint County and District Councils Scrutiny Report on the Summer 2007, November 2008


18.00, 22nd July. The lower flood marker is 1885, the upper 1947.