GB Instagram Apk Download Latest v3.60 | GBInstagram 2024 (GBinsta)

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GB Instagram APK


Instagram mod (GB) With tones of additional features is available here. Download GBInstagram latest version by tapping the button placed here and start enjoying theexclusive features that original IG can never provide you. This APK file is developed by some really talented individuals focused on improving Android applications. You might have seen their work on GBWHatsApp as it is the more popular product of theirs. Nonetheless, GBinsta is a mod of its own kind and it continues the legacy of other GB products by being much more efficient and feature-rich. At first glance, the homescreen might not look very pleasing but a minute or two worth of experience can make it clear that this MOD is no joke.

It gives this beautiful vibe with modified accent colors and option to customize them. The best thing is the perks that GBINSTA gives you along with capability to use normal Instagram. Features like, zooming in to profile pics of individual accounts is just one to name many. It combines all those cherries on top without compromising performance, in fact many report to be having a more snappy experience with GB in comparison with the original.

GB Instagram Apk Download Latest Version 2024


GBinsta Apk Download Latest Version


What Is GBInstagram?

For those who are unfamiliar with mods, its a term given to the modified versions of Applications circulating over the internet. That being said, all the mods are Third-party made. Meaning the original developer was not in any part of the modding process. But even then these mods turn out to impressive and often better than original. Which is what with the case of GBINTA.

Its a much more functional and feature-full variant version of the original one. It takes modifying to a- another level by giving out a higher dynamic structure to IG – And people seem to love it. The first rule of PR is user decides the rules. So, by those standards, GBInsta already got itself way ahead with a much better positive feedback ratio that the default one.

GBInsta (Features)

GBinsta comes with tons of fantastic features all the features are given below


Download Stories, Images & Videos

Arguably, the most powerful utility of GBInsta is that it provides options to directly download media without the help of a third-party. Be it videos, images, stories or even IGTV Content. If you are a page owner who recycles content, this is a must have, without any doubt. The ability to download media inherently, is the single most convincing reason to switch to the mod. The alternatives to do that are lengthy and inefficient. Imagine going through your feed in the default app and you see a nice reusable video that you can post on your own profile. You will need to either visit a third-party website or app to be able to that. GBInsta allows you to do the same without even closing the app. Just tap on the media and select the download option in order to begin download process. You can even change the quality depending your internet speed.

Copy Bio & Comments

Yes !, You Can Copy your Anyone’s bio & comments text which is not something that you can do in the original version. Default version likes to keep things very static and boxy, which often brings problems to its users in the form of not able to do basic things that other social media sites allow.

No Root Required

Even if this is a modded version, no root access is required to enjoy all features. This brings a relief to many who are not technically avid enough to root their phones or do not want to.


As mentioned already, there are a bunch of themes to play around in order to keep the browsing experience more lively and fun. You can easily select your favorite colors and styles to personalize the entire experience.

Zoom Feature

GBInstagram allows you to zoom on profile pics. You cannot do this on the basic version, but this one keeps this features on in all the photos visible on GBInstagram.

Dual Instagram Accounts

Managing two accounts in one app is not exclusive to this mod but its assuring to know that it is available in here. You can use as many accounts as you like and swipe right back and forth unlimited times.

 Atnfas Hoak’s GBInsta (Other Features)

  • You Can Translate Comments
  • You Don’t need to face any ban issues
  • You can do video calls in latest version
  • Add voice note and tag in the story.
  • Fix errors while loading themes.
  • And much more!

Download GBinstagram Plus Apk (GBinsta+)

What’s The Difference Between GBInsta and GBInsta Plus 

GBInsta: Is a popular mod used among thousands of normal and power users that want to explore better ways to browse instagram feeds

GBInsta+: Is also a MOD based on GBInsta but takes things to next level by adding much more features and extensions to enhance your experience.

How To Install GBinstagram On Android

  • Use the button placed here in order to initiate the installation file
  • Check whether space is available on your device in order for this file to be stored
  • Once download finishes, tap on the APK file and initiate the installation process.
  • Now, as most of you know, Android, by default keeps the third-party installations restricted. Since, this is an out of play store installation, we’ll have to disable that restriction. Go to settings and check on allow third-party installations. Once you do that, APK will be ready to be installed.
  • In case the app asks for permissions, allow them as all them are required for app to function properly.
  • Once its done, close installer and open the app through home screen icon or menu
  • Sign in and viola ! Start using the MOD.

All the steps mentioned are chronological in order foe the sake of simplicity. As most of you have already observed by now – The process itself is very straightforward and involves no tweakings or way arounds in the system. Whole list can be checked within minutes and you will be good to go.

Final Verdict

IG, just like most traditional widely used social apps, is more focused on a uninterrupted business rather than a feature-rich app. They cannot keep answering user-demands and adding the requested features all the time. They also have to take care of  multiple aspects of organisation like bandwidth and speed. This is why MODs are such a good alternative to those who seek more flavorful experiences while browsing.

GBinstagram not only gives you multiple additional features, it does that without sacrificing the flawless mechanism that default one has got. This makes it a very suitable and efficient MOD contender and is considered as the best way to browse IG.

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